Lagging Rope

Hotspot glass fibre woven lagging rope for fitting between surrounds, firebacks and where any gap needs to be filled with a flexible expansion material that has insulation qualities. Use with Heatbond Stove Rope Fixative.

The rope is 12mm in diameter and 1.5m long. 

Directions for use
  • Where a Lagging Rope is to be fixed to a vertical surface use a heat resistant adhesive sparingly to only one side of the rope to hold it in place. The lagging rope should be compressed as the two surfaces are bought together.
  • When filling a gap Lagging Rope should be compressed and pushed firmly into the area to be filled and allowed to expand. Repeat process until gap is filled, if necessary use a heat resistant seal to hold in place.
  • For aesthetic purposes, a skim of Fortafix stove cement can be applied over the area filled.
£5.49 GBP