Whirlbath Sanitizer Tablets

A specially formulated tablet for cleaning whirlpool baths, spas and hot tubs. After bathing, disinfection of the bath with chlorine is recommended by The Public Health Laboratory Service, to avoid colonisation of bacteria, low chlorine resistant organisms and build-up of biofilm in unseen pipework. It is recommended that superchlorination is practised frequently to keep the waters free from pathogens. One tablet placed into the bath water after each use, will effectively clean and disinfect the jets and pipework.

Directions for use
  • Before emptying, put one tablet into the bath water.
  • Switch on the system and let it run for approximately two to three minutes.
  • Switch off the system and drain as normal. The whirlbath will now have been effectively sanitized.

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  • Whirlbath Sanitizer Tablets